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| [[Linux_Security_Summit_2015/Abstracts/Ratliff|Discussion: Core Infrastructure Initiative]] ''([http://kernsec.org/files/lss2015/CII-for-LSS-August2015-forposting.pdf slides)''
| [[Linux_Security_Summit_2015/Abstracts/Ratliff|Discussion: Core Infrastructure Initiative]] ''([http://kernsec.org/files/lss2015/CII-for-LSS-August2015-forposting.pdf slides])''
| [[Linux_Security_Summit_2015/Bio/Ratliff|Emily Ratliff, Linux Foundation]]
| [[Linux_Security_Summit_2015/Bio/Ratliff|Emily Ratliff, Linux Foundation]]

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Note: LSS will be held in the Jefferson Room, 4th Floor, Union St Tower

Day 1 (Thursday 20th August)

Time Title Presenter
09:00 Welcome James Morris, Oracle
09:05 Keynote: Giant Bags of Mostly Water - Securing your IT Infrastructure by Securing your Team Konstantin Ryabitsev, Linux Foundation (see also Reddit AMA)
09:55 Break
10:00 CC3: An Identity Attested Linux Security Supervisor Architecture (slides, paper) Greg Wettstein, IDfusion
10:45 SELinux in Android Lollipop and Android M (slides) Stephen Smalley, NSA
11:30 Break
11:45 TBA TBA
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Assembling Secure OS Images Elena Reshetova, Intel
14:45 Linux and Mobile Device Encryption Paul Lawrence and Mike Halcrow, Google
15:30 Break
16:00 Discussion: Core Infrastructure Initiative (slides) Emily Ratliff, Linux Foundation
17:00 Finish

Day 2 (Friday 21st August)

Time Title Presenter
09:00 Security Framework for Constraining Application Privileges (slides) Lukasz Wojciechowski, Samsung
09:45 IMA/EVM: Real Applications for Embedded Networking Systems Petko Manolov, Konsulko Group, and Mark Baushke, Juniper Networks
10:30 Break
10:45 Ioctl Command Whitelisting in SELinux Jeffrey Vander Stoep, Google
11:30 IMA/EVM on Android Device Dmitry Kasatkin, Huawei Technologies
12:15 Lunch
13:30 Subsystem Update: Smack (slides) Casey Schaufler, Intel
13:50 Subsystem Update: AppArmor John Johansen, Canonical
14:10 Subsystem Update: Integrity Mimi Zohar, IBM
14:30 Break
14:40 Subsystem Update: SELinux Paul Moore, Red Hat
15:00 Subsystem Update: Capabilities Serge Hallyn, Canonical
15:20 Subsystem Update: Seccomp Kees Cook, Google
15:40 Discussion: Linux Security Module Stacking Next Steps (slides) Casey Schaufler, Intel
16:10 Break
16:30 Discussion: Rethinking Audit Paul Moore, Red Hat
17:00 Finish