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Casey Schaufler started programing Unix kernels at the end of the 1970's, when megabytes were for disc drives and C was still written in K&R style. He started working on system security in the Orange Book era, contributing to SunOS/MLS, Trusted Irix and the POSIX P1003.1e/2c drafts. During this time he implemented access control lists, mandatory access control, extended filesystem attributes, X11 access controls, network protocols and more audit systems than is really healthy. His involvement in Linux began with the Linux Security Module work at the turn of the century, but was off the mainstream until he introduced the Smack LSM in 2007. Casey has worked on MeeGo, Tizen and other lesser known system products. Most recently, he reworked the LSM infrastructure as the initial stage in supporting multiple concurrent modules.

Casey lives on the California coast, just south of San Francisco. He is employed at Intel's Open Source Technology Center.

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