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To develop patches for the kernel security subsystem, use git to clone the linux-security tree:

$ git clone git://

Unless otherwise requested, all development should be done against the next-general branch, which is automatically pulled into the linux-next tree. To track this branch:

$ git checkout --track -b my-next origin/next-general

You can also fetch this branch into an existing local kernel repository and manage it via git remote. Refer to the git documentation and the Kernel Hackers' Guide to git for more information.

Patches for review and submission should be generated with git format-patch. If you want a git branch pulled directly, use git request-pull.

A web-browsable interface via gitweb may be found at:;a=summary

Patches should be sent as inline text to linux-kernel @, and preferably cc'd to linux-security-module @ and jmorris @

Notes for Subsystem Maintainers

  • Code to be merged must be in next-testing for at least two weeks before I can submit to Linus (excepting urgent bugfixes)
  • This means it must be in my tree (which is pulled to -next) for at least that long, unless you separately push to linux-next (like SELinux does)
  • Your code must be submitted to my tree by -rc4
  • Once Linus' merge window opens, no new code can go into -next until -rc1. I can queue your code in a branch in my tree, or you can submit it after -rc1
  • Ensure that the branch to be pulled merges cleanly into mine!