[PATCH] platform/x86: Export LPC attributes for the system SPI chip

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Mon May 11 20:08:31 UTC 2020

On Mon, 11 May 2020 at 17:28, Mika Westerberg
<mika.westerberg at linux.intel.com> wrote:
> static int lpc_ich_init_securityfs(struct pci_dev *dev)

I've done that, thanks.

> For the security stuff you are adding, do you need to look at the PCI
> device registers as well?

No, just the config space. I guess at some point I might want to put
some of the chipsec vulnerability checks into the module, although I'm
not happy adding anything remotely dangerous.

>   $ scripts/get_maintainers.pl path/to/the/patch

Will do, thanks. I'll polish up the list of DIDs and submit it again.


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