Linux 5.1-rc2

Randy Dunlap rdunlap at
Mon Mar 25 02:31:16 UTC 2019

On 3/24/19 2:26 PM, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Well, we're a week away from the merge window close, and here's rc2.
> Things look fairly normal, but honestly, rc2 is usually too early to
> tell.  People haven't necessarily had time to notice problems yet.
> Which is just another way of saying "please test harder".
> Nothing particularly stands out. Yes, we had some fixes for the new
> io_ring code for issues that were discussed when merging it. Other
> than that, worth noting is that the bulk of the patches are for
> tooling, not the core kernel. In fact, about two thirds of the patch
> is just for the tools/ subdirectory, most of it due to some late perf
> tool updates. The people involved promise they're done.

Hmph.  I'm still looking for the patch that restores the various
CONFIG_DEFAULT_<security> kconfig options to be merged.

since commit 70b62c25665f636c9f6c700b26af7df296b0887e dropped them somehow.


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