[PATCH 02/27] Add a SysRq option to lift kernel lockdown

Matthew Garrett mjg59 at google.com
Thu Mar 7 00:12:19 UTC 2019

On Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 4:10 PM Randy Dunlap <rdunlap at infradead.org> wrote:
> On 3/6/19 3:58 PM, Matthew Garrett wrote:
> > From: Kyle McMartin <kyle at redhat.com>
> >
> > Make an option to provide a sysrq key that will lift the kernel lockdown,
> > thereby allowing the running kernel image to be accessed and modified.
> You still need to document this in Documentation/admin-guide/sysrq.rst,
> like I mentioned last week.

Hm.. On reflection this patch doesn't make much sense without the
automatic lockdown enable functionality, so I'll just drop it from the
patchset instead. Thanks!

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