[PATCH] keys: fix missing __user in KEYCTL_PKEY_QUERY

Ben Dooks ben.dooks at codethink.co.uk
Fri Mar 1 11:30:26 UTC 2019

The arg5 of KEYCTL_PKEY_QUERY should have a __user pointer tag on
it as it is a user pointer. This clears the following sparse warning
for this:

security/keys/keyctl.c:1755:43: warning: incorrect type in argument 3 (different address spaces)
security/keys/keyctl.c:1755:43:    expected struct keyctl_pkey_query [noderef] <asn:1>*<noident>
security/keys/keyctl.c:1755:43:    got struct keyctl_pkey_query *<noident>

Signed-off-by: Ben Dooks <ben.dooks at codethink.co.uk>
 security/keys/keyctl.c | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/security/keys/keyctl.c b/security/keys/keyctl.c
index 7bbe03593e58..3e4053a217c3 100644
--- a/security/keys/keyctl.c
+++ b/security/keys/keyctl.c
@@ -1752,7 +1752,7 @@ SYSCALL_DEFINE5(keyctl, int, option, unsigned long, arg2, unsigned long, arg3,
 			return -EINVAL;
 		return keyctl_pkey_query((key_serial_t)arg2,
 					 (const char __user *)arg4,
-					 (struct keyctl_pkey_query *)arg5);
+					 (struct keyctl_pkey_query __user *)arg5);

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