[PATCH v6 00/24] x86: text_poke() fixes and executable lockdowns

Ingo Molnar mingo at kernel.org
Sat Apr 27 10:22:10 UTC 2019

* nadav.amit at gmail.com <nadav.amit at gmail.com> wrote:

> From: Nadav Amit <namit at vmware.com>
> *
> * This version fixes failed boots on 32-bit that were reported by 0day.
> * Patch 5 is added to initialize uprobes during fork initialization.
> * Patch 7 (which was 6 in the previous version) is updated - the code is
> * moved to common mm-init code with no further changes.
> *
> This patchset improves several overlapping issues around stale TLB
> entries and W^X violations. It is combined from "x86/alternative:
> text_poke() enhancements v7" [1] and "Don't leave executable TLB entries
> to freed pages v2" [2] patchsets that were conflicting.

Which tree is this again? It doesn't apply to Linus's latest nor to -tip 



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