[PATCH 1/2] efi: Fix cast to pointer from integer of different size in TPM log code

Matthew Garrett mjg59 at google.com
Wed Apr 3 16:51:54 UTC 2019

On Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 6:41 AM David Laight <David.Laight at aculab.com> wrote:
> From: Matthew Garrett
> > Sent: 02 April 2019 22:56
> >
> > 8bfcff4a6a1d9d7226bb63a7da758b82d9ab4373 introduced a cast from
> > efi_physical_address_t to (void *), which are different sizes on 32-bit.
> > Fix that. Caught by the 0-day test bot.
> Casting a physical address to 'void *' seems completely wrong.
> Also you'd need a guarantee that the address was below 4G or the result
> is meaningless.
> Looks to me like something is using the wrong types somewhere.

We're in UEFI here, not the kernel proper - the firmware functions we
call give us back physical addresses, and we're operating with a 1:1
mapping. long is 64 bit on 64 bit systems, and on 32 bit systems we've
already asserted that all firmware resources are under 4GB (obviously
we're going to have a bad time if they're not, but there's not really
anything we can do about that)

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