[GIT PULL] Kernel lockdown for secure boot

David Howells dhowells at redhat.com
Wed Apr 4 14:44:28 UTC 2018

Andy Lutomirski <luto at amacapital.net> wrote:

> > Andy Lutomirski <luto at kernel.org> wrote:
> >
> >> As far as I can tell, what's really going on here is that there's a
> >> significant contingent here that wants to prevent Linux from
> >> chainloading something that isn't Linux.
> >
> > You have completely the wrong end of the stick.  No one has said that or
> > even implied that.  You are alleging dishonesty on our part.
> I'm alleging that the idea that Linux seems some particular policy to
> avoid being blacklisted keeps being brought up as a justification for
> these patches.

No, you were alleging that "[we want] to prevent Linux from chainloading
something that isn't Linux.".

This is not true - at least, it's not true on my part; I cannot speak for what
other people may think privately.

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