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(Kernel Security Subsystem Updates)
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| '''Yama'''
| '''[http://outflux.net/slides/2012/lss/lsm/ Yama]'''
| Kees Cook, Google
| Kees Cook, Google
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|colspan="2" |''lunch (self-funded at nearby location)''
|colspan="2" |''lunch (self-funded at nearby location)''
=== Lightning Talks ===
=== Lightning Talks ===

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This is the schedule for the Linux Security Summit 2012, to be held in San Diego on August 30th and 31st, 2012.

The summit this year will be a two-day event, co-located with LinuxCon.

Meeting Room

The summit will be held in the Executive Center 4 room on the first floor.


Day 1 (30th Aug)


Time Title Presenter
09:00 Keynote Talk Matthew Garrett, Red Hat
09:50 break
10:00 Bootstrapping the Policies for LSMs for Native and Web Applications Elena Reshetova, Intel
10:45 DNSSEC: The Shiny New Cryptographically Secured Globally Distributed Database Paul Wouters, Red Hat
11:30 break
11:45 Linux Sandbox Version II - Sandboxing Server Applications Dan Walsh, Red Hat
12:30 lunch (self-funded at nearby location)
13:30 Upcoming Extensions to the Linux kernel Integrity Subsystem (IMA/EVM) Dmitry Kasatkin, Intel
14:15 The Linux Integrity Subsystem and TPM-based Network Endpoint Assessment Andreas Steffen, University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil
15:00 break
15:15 Middleware MAC for Android Stephen Smalley, National Security Agency
16:00 CaitSith: A New Type of Rule Based In-kernel Access Control Tetsuo Handa, NTT
16:45 Finding Kernel Vulnerabilities Using Coccinelle Kees Cook, Google
17:15 finish

Day 2 (31st Aug)

Kernel Security Subsystem Updates

Time Title Presenter
09:00 Cryptography Herbert Xu, Red Hat
09:20 AppArmor John Johansen, Canonical
09:40 Key Management David Howells, Red Hat
10:00 break
10:20 SELinux Eric Paris, Red Hat
10:40 Integrity Mimi Zohar, IBM
11:00 TOMOYO Tetsuo Handa, NTT
11:20 break
11:40 Smack Casey Schaufler, Intel
12:00 Yama Kees Cook, Google
12:20 lunch (self-funded at nearby location)

Lightning Talks

If you wish to add a breakout session topic, email the program committee, or propose a topic on the day. Space is limited.

Time Topic Speaker
14:00 Trinity: Linux system call fuzzing Dave Jones, Red Hat

Breakout Sessions

Freeform track for smaller groups to collaborate on specific issues. If you wish to add a breakout session topic, email the program committee.

Time Details Leader
14:30 LF Linux Security Workgroup BOF Corey Bryant, IBM
17:00 Breakout session reports
17:30 finish