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Work Areas

The Kernel Self Protection Project has a lot of work to do! While there are already a number of upstream kernel security features, we are still missing many. The following is far from a comprehensive list, but it's at least a starting point we can add to:

Bug Classes

Exploitation Methods

Specific TODO Items

Besides the general work outlined above, there are number of specific tasks that have either been asked about frequently or are otherwise in need some time and attention:

  • Split thread_info off of kernel stack (Done: x86, arm64, s390. Needed on arm, powerpc and others?)
  • Move kernel stack to vmap area (Done: x86, s390. Needed on arm, arm64, powerpc and others?)
  • Implement kernel relocation and KASLR for ARM
  • Write a plugin to clear struct padding
  • Write a plugin to do format string warnings correctly (gcc's -Wformat-security is bad about const strings)
  • Make CONFIG_STRICT_KERNEL_RWX and CONFIG_STRICT_MODULE_RWX mandatory (done for arm64 and x86, other archs still need it)
  • Convert remaining BPF JITs to eBPF JIT (with blinding) (In progress: arm)
  • Write lib/test_bpf.c tests for eBPF constant blinding
  • Further restriction of perf_event_open (e.g. perf_event_paranoid=3)
  • Extend HARDENED_USERCOPY to use slab whitelisting (in progress)
  • Extend HARDENED_USERCOPY to split user-facing malloc()s and in-kernel malloc()svmalloc stack guard pages (in progress)
  • protect ARM vector table as fixed-location kernel target
  • disable kuser helpers on arm
  • rename CONFIG_DEBUG_LIST better and default=y
  • add WARN path for page-spanning usercopy checks (instead of the separate CONFIG)
  • create UNEXPECTED(), like BUG() but without the lock-busting, etc
  • create defconfig "make" target for by-default hardened Kconfigs (using guidelines below)
  • provide mechanism to check for ro_after_init memory areas, and reject structures not marked ro_after_init in vmbus_register()
  • expand use of __ro_after_init, especially in arch/arm64
  • Add stack-frame walking to usercopy implementations (Done: x86. In progress: arm64. Needed on arm, others?)
  • restrict autoloading of kernel modules (like GRKERNSEC_MODHARDEN) (In progress: Timgad LSM)