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Kernel Security Projects

Access Control

  • Linux Security Modules (LSM), the API for access control frameworks
  • AppArmor, a pathname-based access control system
  • Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux), a flexible and fine-grained MAC framework
  • Smack, the Simplified Mandatory Access Control Kernel for Linux
  • TOMOYO, another pathname-based access control system (LiveCD available)
  • grsecurity, extensive security enhancement patch for the Linux kernel (RBAC, chroot hardening, auditing, stack/heap protection randomization and more...)
  • Rule Set Based Access Control (RSBAC), Linux kernel patch implementing a security framework
  • FBAC-LSM aims to provide easy to configure (functionality-based) application restrictions
  • [1] adds restrictions to ptrace, providing a programmatic way to declare relationships between processes


This is a rapidly developing area, see the following LWN article for an overview:



There are several separately maintained projects relating to network security, including:

  • Netfilter packet filtering
  • Labeled Networking, including NetLabel, CIPSO, Labeled IPsec and SECMARK, see Paul Moore's blog
  • NuFW authenticating firewall based on Netfilter


  • Labeled NFS, a project to add MAC labeling support to the NFSv4 protocol
  • dm-verity, a device mapper target for efficient, integrity-assured block devices


The cryptographic subsystem is maintained separately by Herbert Xu, refer to the mailing list.