Mrs Suzara Maling Wan mr.brueshands4world at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 16:32:41 UTC 2021

My names are Mrs Suzara Maling Wan, I am a Nationality of the Republic
of the Philippine presently base in West Africa B/F, dealing with
exportation of Gold, I was diagnose of blood Causal decease, and my
doctor have announce to me that I have few days to leave due to the
condition of my sickness.

I have a desire to build an orphanage home in your country of which i
cannot execute the project myself due to my present health condition,
I am willing to hand over the project under your care for you to help
me fulfill my dreams and desire of building an orphanage home in your

Reply in you are will to help so that I can direct you to my bank for
the urgent transfer of the fund/money require for the project to your
account as I have already made the fund/money available.

With kind regards
Mrs Suzara Maling Wan

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