[RFC] [PATCH bpf-next 1/1] bpf: Add a BPF helper for getting the cgroup path of current task

KP Singh kpsingh at kernel.org
Fri May 14 11:21:41 UTC 2021

> > About your suggestion, the *cgroup_id helpers only works for cgroup v2,
> > however, we're still using cgroup v1 in product,and even for cgroup v2,
> > I'm not sure if there is any way for user space to get this cgroup id
> > timely(after container created, but before container start to run)。
> >
> > So if there is any effective way works for cgroup v1?
> https://github.com/systemd/systemd/blob/main/NEWS#L379

I agree that we should not focus on cgroup v1 if we do add a helper.

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