[PATCH] ima: Fix function name error in comment.

Mimi Zohar zohar at linux.ibm.com
Tue Mar 23 12:46:44 UTC 2021

Hi Jiele,

On Tue, 2021-03-23 at 09:19 +0000, Jiele Zhao wrote:
> Function "ima_file_check" is written as "ima_path_check" in
> the comment. Fix this error to prevent misunderstanding.
> Signed-off-by: Jiele Zhao <unclexiaole at gmail.com>

The original function name was ima_path_check().  The policy parsing
still supports PATH_CHECK.   Commit 9bbb6cad0173 ("ima: rename
ima_path_check to ima_file_check") renamed the function to
ima_file_check(), but missed modifying the function name in the

Please update this patch description accordingly and add the "Fixes"



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