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Mrs.Glenn mrganuserge at
Mon Mar 15 16:58:18 UTC 2021

Dear Beloved,

I am Mrs Elizabet Glenn from Israel. I am a missionary but right now
in a hospital bed in Israel. I am 59 years and childless; my husband
is dead. I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. And my doctor just
predicted that I have but very limited time to live due to damages in
my system and as a result of that I decided to dispose my 10.5 million
US dollars to a God-fearing one for the continuation of charitable
work. This is why I located you.My guess about you may not be accurate
because I came across your contact at the humanitarian calendar event
of the year but I believe in God who  divinely directed me to you for
this solemn proposal of charitable work. I wholeheartedly wish to
bequeath my fortune to you as a God-fearing person for the
continuation of charitable work anywhere around the world.

I shall be going in for a surgery operations soonest and desire this
money to be transferred to you as I do not wish to leave this money in
the bank because bankers might misuse it for their own interest after
my death. As soon as I receive your quick reply assuring me that you
will utilize the money as I instructed you for the benefit of the less
privilege, I shall give you more details and also instruct my bank to
release the money to you for the charity project. I hope you receive
this mail in good health.

Because I don t know what will be my situation in next minute,

I am waiting for your reply.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Elizabet Glenn.

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