Hello Dear

Ms Fatima Muhammad steveokoh.fedexdeliveryagent at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 17:25:20 UTC 2021

Hello Dear,

My name is Ms.Fatima Muhammad., Please forgive me for stressing you
with my predicaments and I sorry to approach you through this media
because is serves the fastest means of  my communication right now,

I came across your Email from my personal search and I decided to
contact you believing you will be honest to fulfill my business
proposal which I believe that will be a very good opportunity for both
of us. Please it is my pleasure to contact you today for a business
partnership investments projects worth $4.6 million USD which I intend
to establish in your country..

Pls If this business proposal offends your moral and ethic values do
accept my apology. therefore kindly contact me immediately if you are
interested for more details.

Thank you for your wiliness to help me
Yours Sincerely Fatima Muhammad

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