[PATCH v5 00/42] idmapped mounts

Dave Chinner david at fromorbit.com
Thu Jan 14 20:43:34 UTC 2021

On Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 09:12:41AM -0800, Darrick J. Wong wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 11:00:42PM +0100, Christian Brauner wrote:
> > Hey everyone,
> > 
> > The only major change is the inclusion of hch's patch to port XFS to
> > support idmapped mounts. Thanks to Christoph for doing that work.
> Yay :)
> > (For a full list of major changes between versions see the end of this
> >  cover letter.
> >  Please also note the large xfstests testsuite in patch 42 that has been
> >  kept as part of this series. It verifies correct vfs behavior with and
> >  without idmapped mounts including covering newer vfs features such as
> >  io_uring.
> >  I currently still plan to target the v5.12 merge window.)
> > 
> > With this patchset we make it possible to attach idmappings to mounts,
> > i.e. simply put different bind mounts can expose the same file or
> > directory with different ownership.
> > Shifting of ownership on a per-mount basis handles a wide range of
> > long standing use-cases. Here are just a few:
> > - Shifting of a subset of ownership-less filesystems (vfat) for use by
> >   multiple users, effectively allowing for DAC on such devices
> >   (systemd, Android, ...)
> > - Allow remapping uid/gid on external filesystems or paths (USB sticks,
> >   network filesystem, ...) to match the local system's user and groups.
> >   (David Howells intends to port AFS as a first candidate.)
> > - Shifting of a container rootfs or base image without having to mangle
> >   every file (runc, Docker, containerd, k8s, LXD, systemd ...)
> > - Sharing of data between host or privileged containers with
> >   unprivileged containers (runC, Docker, containerd, k8s, LXD, ...)
> > - Data sharing between multiple user namespaces with incompatible maps
> >   (LXD, k8s, ...)
> That sounds neat.  AFAICT, the VFS passes the filesystem a mount userns
> structure, which is then carried down the call stack to whatever
> functions actually care about mapping kernel [ug]ids to their ondisk
> versions?
> Does quota still work after this patchset is applied?  There isn't any
> mention of that in the cover letter and I don't see a code patch, so
> does that mean everything just works?  I'm particularly curious about
> whether there can exist processes with CAP_SYS_ADMIN and an idmapped
> mount?  Syscalls like bulkstat and quotactl present file [ug]ids to
> programs, but afaict there won't be any translating going on?

bulkstat is not allowed inside user namespaces. It's an init
namespace only thing because it provides unchecked/unbounded access
to all inodes in the filesystem, not just those contained within a
specific mount container.

Hence I don't think bulkstat output (and other initns+root only
filesystem introspection APIs) should be subject to or concerned
about idmapping.


Dave Chinner
david at fromorbit.com

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