Conflict with Mickaël Salaün's blacklist patches [was [PATCH v5 0/4] Add EFI_CERT_X509_GUID support for dbx/mokx entries]

David Howells dhowells at
Wed Feb 3 16:26:40 UTC 2021

Eric Snowberg <eric.snowberg at> wrote:

> This is the fifth patch series for adding support for 
> EFI_CERT_X509_GUID entries [1].  It has been expanded to not only include
> dbx entries but also entries in the mokx.  Additionally my series to
> preload these certificate [2] has also been included.

Okay, I've tentatively applied this to my keys-next branch.  However, it
conflicts minorly with Mickaël Salaün's patches that I've previously merged on
the same branch.  Can you have a look at the merge commit

	(the top patch of my keys-next branch)

to see if that is okay by both of you?  If so, can you give it a whirl?


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