[PATCH] ima: fix deadlock within RCU list of ima_rules

THOBY Simon Simon.THOBY at viveris.fr
Thu Aug 26 09:01:04 UTC 2021

Hi liqiong,

On 8/26/21 10:15 AM, liqiong wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> Thanks for your help, your advice is clear, can i just use it,
> how about this:
> The current IMA ruleset is identified by the variable "ima_rules",
> and the pointer starts pointing at the list "ima_default_rules".

After reading it again, maybe
"The current IMA ruleset is identified by the variable "ima_rules",
that defaults to "&ima_default_rules".'?

> When loading a custom policy for the first time, the variable is
> updated to point to the list "ima_policy_rules" instead. That update
> isn't RCU-safe, and deadlocks are possible.

I think what Mimi was trying to say is that you could add the high-level
overview above, but keep the details. Sorry if I wasn't clearer in my
earlier messages.

Consider re-adding your previous paragraph
As a consequence, when traversing the ruleset, some functions like ima_match_policy()
may loop indefinitely over "ima_default_rules" as list_for_each_entry_rcu() doesn't
terminate (after the update, "ima_rules" no longer points to the list head, so the
loop condition stays always true), causing RCU stalls.
(note: I tweaked it above, feel free to fix it)
> Introduce a temporary value for "ima_rules" when iterating over
> the ruleset to avoid the deadlocks.

... while keeping this a separate paragraph.

> Signed-off-by: liqiong <liqiong at nfschina.com>
> ---
>  security/integrity/ima/ima_policy.c | 17 ++++++++++++-----
>  1 file changed, 12 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)
> diff --git a/security/integrity/ima/ima_policy.c b/security/integrity/ima/ima_policy.c
> index fd5d46e511f1..e92b197bfd3c 100644
> --- a/security/integrity/ima/ima_policy.c
> +++ b/security/integrity/ima/ima_policy.c
> Thanks
> liqiong

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