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Godwin Pete godwinnpeter at
Wed Aug 18 06:02:09 UTC 2021


I just want to use this little opportunity to inform you about my
success towards the transfer. I'm currently in India for an investment
with part of my share, after completing the transfer with an Indian
business man. But i will visit your country, next year. After the
completion of my project here in India. Please, contact my secretary
to send you the (ATM) card which I've already credited with the sum of
($500,000.00). Just contact her to help you in receiving the (ATM)
card. I've explained everything to her before my trip to India. This
is what I can do for you because, you couldn't help in the transfer,
but for the fact that you're the person whom I've contacted initially,
for the transfer. I decided to give this ($500,000.00) as a
compensation for being contacted initially for the transfer. I always
try to make the difference, in dealing with people any time I come in
contact with them. I'm also trying to show that I'm quite a different
person from others whose may have a different purpose within them. I
believe that you will render some help to me when I, will visit your
country, for another investment there. So contact my secretary for the
card, Her contact are as follows,

Full name: Mrs, Jovita Dumuije,
Country: Burkina Faso
Email: jovitadumuije at

Thanks, and hope for a good corporation with you in future.

Godwin Peter,

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