[PATCH v1 0/3] KEYS: trusted: Introduce support for NXP CAAM-based trusted keys

Ahmad Fatoum a.fatoum at pengutronix.de
Thu Apr 1 10:57:22 UTC 2021

Hello Richard,

On 01.04.21 12:53, Richard Weinberger wrote:
> Ahmad,
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>> Do you mean systemd-cryptsetup? It looks to me like it's just a way to supply
>> the keyphrase. With trusted keys and a keyphrase unknown to userspace, this
>> won't work.
> Nah, I meant existing scripts/service Files.
>> I don't (yet) see the utility of it without LUKS. Perhaps a command dump on how
>> to do the same I did with dmsetup, but with cryptsetup plain instead could
>> help me to see the benefits?
> My reasoning is simple, why do I need a different tool when there is already one
> that could do the task too?
> Usually the systems I get my hands on use already dm-crypt with cryptsetup in some way.
> So I have the tooling already in my initramfs, etc.. and need to adopt the callers of cryptsetup a little.
> If I need all of a sudden different/additional tooling, it means more work, more docs to write,
> more hassle with crypto/system reviewers, etc...
> I don't want you to force to use cryptsetup.

I'd love to use cryptsetup with LUKS and trusted keys eventually. I'll take
a look and see if cryptsetup plain maybe a suitable stop-gap solution for us.

> The only goal was pointing out that it can be done with cryptsetup and that there
> is already code such that no work is done twice.
> One the kernel side it does not matter.

Thanks for the pointer,

> Thanks,
> //richard

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