[PATCH 01/14] VFS: Add additional RESOLVE_* flags [ver #18]

David Howells dhowells at redhat.com
Thu Mar 12 16:56:41 UTC 2020

Linus Torvalds <torvalds at linux-foundation.org> wrote:

> > The whole discussion was triggered by the introduction of a completely
> > new fsinfo() call:
> >
> > Would you propose to have 'at_flags' and 'resolve_flags' passed in here?
> Yes, I think that would be the way to go.

Okay, I can do that.

Any thoughts on which set of flags should override the other?  If we're making
RESOLVE_* flags the new definitive interface, then I feel they should probably
override the AT_* flags where there's a conflict, ie. RESOLVE_NO_SYMLINKS
should override AT_SYMLINK_FOLLOW for example.


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