[PATCH v1 0/9] Enable root to update the blacklist keyring

David Howells dhowells at redhat.com
Fri Dec 4 14:01:36 UTC 2020

Mickaël Salaün <mic at digikod.net> wrote:

> > What would be easiest way to smoke test the changes?
> An easy way to test it is to enable the second trusted keyring to
> dynamically load certificates in the kernel. Then we can create a hash
> of a valid certificate (but not loaded yet) and sign it as explained in
> tools/certs/print-cert-tbs-hash.sh (patch 9/9). Once this hash is loaded
> in the kernel, loading the blacklisted certificate will be denied. We
> can also test it with a PKCS#7 signature chain, either with the
> blacklist keyring itself, or with a signed dm-verity image.

It might also be possible to use the pkcs#7 test key type
(CONFIG_PKCS7_TEST_KEY) to aid in that.


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