[PATCH v3] acpi: Extend TPM2 ACPI table with missing log fields

Jarkko Sakkinen jarkko.sakkinen at linux.intel.com
Wed Apr 1 08:37:29 UTC 2020

On Tue, Mar 31, 2020 at 05:49:49PM -0400, Stefan Berger wrote:
> From: Stefan Berger <stefanb at linux.ibm.com>
> Recent extensions of the TPM2 ACPI table added 3 more fields
> including 12 bytes of start method specific parameters and Log Area
> Minimum Length (u32) and Log Area Start Address (u64). So, we extend
> the existing structure with these fields to allow non-UEFI systems
> to access the TPM2's log.
> The specification that has the new fields is the following:
>   TCG ACPI Specification
>   Family "1.2" and "2.0"
>   Version 1.2, Revision 8
> Adapt all existing table size calculations to use
> offsetof(struct acpi_table_tpm2, start_method_specific)
> [where start_method_specific is a newly added field]
> rather than sizeof(struct acpi_table_tpm2) so that the addition
> of the new fields does not affect current systems that may not
> have them.
> Signed-off-by: Stefan Berger <stefanb at linux.ibm.com>
> Cc: linux-acpi at vger.kernel.org

I think I'm cool with this but needs an ack from ACPI maintainer.

Rafael, given that this not an intrusive change in any possible means,
can I pick this patch and put it to my next pull request?


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