[PATCH v2 7/8] tpm: Move pcr extend to tpm2-cmd.c

Winkler, Tomas tomas.winkler at intel.com
Thu Mar 15 23:28:55 UTC 2018

> On Sat, 2018-03-10 at 10:24 +0200, Tomas Winkler wrote:
> > Add tpm2_pcr_extend function to tpm2-cmd.c with signature required by
> > tpm-interface.c. It wraps the original open code implementation. The
> > original original tpm2_pcr_extend function is renamed and made static,
> > called only from new tpm2_pcr_extend.
> >
> > Signed-off-by: Tomas Winkler <tomas.winkler at intel.com>
> This might concern some of the earlier patches too but please use exact
> names for functions in the short and long summary i.e.
>   tpm: migrate all of the PCR extension code to tpm2_pcr_extend()
> Check this also for your long descriptions and previous that I gave reviewed-
> by (I think they were otherwise fine). And you refer to a function in text use
> parentheses after the name. I don't like hastily written commit messages.

Yeah,  got little tired of describing the obvious. but you are right.

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