[PATCH 5/8] Protectable Memory

J Freyensee why2jjj.linux at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 17:40:34 UTC 2018

>>> +struct pmalloc_data {
>>> +	struct gen_pool *pool;  /* Link back to the associated pool. */
>>> +	bool protected;     /* Status of the pool: RO or RW. */
>>> +	struct kobj_attribute attr_protected; /* Sysfs attribute. */
>>> +	struct kobj_attribute attr_avail;     /* Sysfs attribute. */
>>> +	struct kobj_attribute attr_size;      /* Sysfs attribute. */
>>> +	struct kobj_attribute attr_chunks;    /* Sysfs attribute. */
>>> +	struct kobject *pool_kobject;
>>> +	struct list_head node; /* list of pools */
>>> +};
>> sysfs attributes aren't free, you know.  I appreciate you want something
>> to help debug / analyse, but having one file for the whole subsystem or
>> at least one per pool would be a better idea.
> Which means that it should not be normal sysfs, but rather debugfs, if I
> understand correctly, since in sysfs 1 value -> 1 file.

Yes, that is a good idea, to use debugfs so you still have a means to 
debug/analyze but can be also turned off for normal system execution.  
Sorry I didn't think about that earlier to save a revision, that's one 
of my favorite things I like to use for diagnosis.


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