Business Possibility

Peter Deng peterddeng2000 at
Thu Jan 4 16:14:02 UTC 2018

Hello there, My name is Peter Deng a South African citizen and a friend to Mrs Mugabe sister . I got your contact through Korean business online directory. I represent the interest of Mrs Mugabe who wishes to move a total amount of $19 million  into a safe account owns by a trusted business man who is capable of accommodating such volume of funds with absolute trust & confidentiality.

We are willing to give 5-10 percent of the total money for this efforts . A non disclosure non circumvent agreement will be signed before the eventual transfer of funds. It is important for to know that the fund owner is going through a period of political turmoil and she is in a precarious position, so this transaction has to be highly secretive & very confidential.

Kindly respond back to me if this is what you can handle .


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